User Benefits


• Simple and user friendly
• Saves time–especially grading
• Less stress, more creative

Teachers enjoy the intuitive feel of Buzz, reporting that things “just work” the way they are expected to. Uploading digital resources like Power Points, documents, and videos, to one spot on the internet decreases the amount of time spent searching and copying. Once the materials are dropped into courses, students can access them outside of class and submit assignments. Much more than a tool for submission, Buzz is the backbone of distance programs like the Wisconsin eSchool Network and others. 

By grading digital and classroom submissions in Buzz, teachers save up to 80% of the time spent grading in learning management systems. All submission that require the teachers attention like worksheets, reports, essay questions on exams, and discussion board posts, line up on the left hand side of the teacher’s dashboard. In Buzz, grading can be accomplished in two clicks.

With all course materials available online, students are more responsible, lightening teachers’ load, and giving them time to be more creative. By eliminating the walls of earlier learning systems, teachers can reach across the internet to find media rich, interactive resources that meet the needs of individual students.


• High teacher adoption rate
• Transparent data with reporting
• Flexibility and Integration

In a recent report released by Project Tomorrow, the top concern for principles and district administrators regarding online learning was that their teachers weren’t comfortable teaching online or using tools necessary to teach online. Buzz was built with the teacher in mind and has simplified the process of moving aspects of learning online. Besides it’s drag and drop interface, Buzz has many features that streamline tasks and reduce workload including a grading to-do list, critical students list, easy communication features, automatic gradebook, online help features and more. 

Not only is Buzz simple for teachers as a hosted solution, Buzz relieves administrators from the hassle of maintaining servers and security. 

Increasingly, administrators are pressured by the performance of their students. Buzz lets administrators see inside the classroom and gauge student performance before high stakes exams with time to do something about it. With a robust testing engine, teachers can get detailed and instant reports after examinations. Buzz goes beyond traditional statistics, however, to measure how well each child is doing on state standards or other learning objectives. When trouble areas are discovered, Buzz helps teachers find resources that match individual needs. (read more about Buzz’s testing capabilities) 

BrainHoney was built to accommodate many situations. Currently, customers use Buzz in classroom, blended learning, and virtual environments to run credit recovery, at-risk, home-bound, and other programs. Buzz’s open APIs allow schools to integrate with other software systems including SIS, web conferencing, state reporting systems and more.

Curriculum Specialists

• Drag-and-drop standards alignment
• Objective mastery tracking and formative assessments
• Curriculum licensing options

Buzz is the best system for mapping curriculum, including digital resources and activities, to standards. For US K-12 public schools, Buzz comes pre-populated with state standards by grade, level, and subject. For private and alternative schools, adding lists of learning outcomes or objectives is easy. To align courses, teachers simply drag and drop objectives into the week or unit in which they will be covered and refine where necessary. Standards-aligned quizzes and tests have never been so easy to make and administer. 

Once a course is mapped to standards, mastery tracking happens automatically in Buzz. Within 12 hours of taking a test or receiving corrected assignments, a students mastery chart is updated to reflect their overall mastery of standards and objectives. Teachers and curriculum specialists use this information to tune their teaching and fill in any gaps. 

For schools and districts who are interested in offering courses not currently taught in their system, or looking to quickly start distance programs, Buzz offers digital curriculum through its partners including Florida Virtual School (FLVS), Aventa, FYI, eTap and more to come.


• More one-on-one attention from teachers
• Better feedback
• Go at own pace*

Students in distance learning courses report more personal interaction with teachers than in traditional courses. Moving some teacher-student communication online helps shy and non-confident students ask questions and seek clarification without appearing less intelligent to their peers. Teachers too, often find it convenient to ask specific questions about how they can help their students. 

Because people type faster than they write, accepting and correcting assignments online allows teachers to give better, more comprehensive feedback to their students. Students learn more about their mistakes and how they can improve when teachers type their responses. 

All courses in Buzz can be administered in two types of sections: traditional and continuous. Traditional sections let teachers set enforceable due dates that keep students in lock-step as a class. Continuous sections allow continuous enrollments and are best for self-pacing scenarios like credit recovery. Students who are enrolled in a continuous course are able to go at their own speed which, according to the Project Tomorrow survey referenced above, is what students value most about blended learning and virtual instruction.