What is Blended Learning?

Blended learning means different things to different people, but with a flexible design, Buzz helps you accomplish it, whatever your definition may be.

Blended Classroom:

  1. Post your content online and accept drop box submissions 
  2. Grade faster and give better feedback 
  3. Know where students need individual attention

Use Buzz to put all your classroom materials online; Power Points, documents, assignments, notes, quizzes and more. Allow your students to review difficult material at home, submit their assignments online and keep up with the class when they can’t attend physically. Use Buzz’s web platform to plan your course and align it to standards then gather data on your students’ concept mastery levels. With a drag-and-drop interface, Buzz makes it so easy anyone can do it.

Blended School:

  1. Offer online courses within your school 
  2. License content from Buzz partners
  3. Consolidate programs

The percentage of students taking an online course nearly doubled last year and continues to grow rapidly. Schools looking for a system to offer online courses within their school need to look no further than Buzz. License courses from our content partners including FLVS, Aventa, eTap and more, to offer inside your school. Offer AP, language, and remedial courses while saving money. Have several online programs at your school like credit recover, at risk students, or others? Consolidate them under one, easy-to-use platform. By managing blended classrooms and virtual classrooms on the same system, all your student data is in one place.

Blended District:

  1. Offer a virtual program that maintains FTE 
  2. Leverage teacher skills outside their school
  3. Collect formative and summative assessment data

With extreme budget constraints, district administrators look for virtual options that keep their students inside the district. Use Buzz to create an eschool network like the Wisconsin eSchool Network. Leverage your teachers’ knowledge by extending their class outside their school and offer more options to your students without outsourcing their learning. The Buzz system is a simple, hosted solution, that eases the process of blended and virtual teaching at the school, district, and state level while consolidating learning data into one place.